Posted on 04 October 2019

European TRWP Platform: Way Forward Report

In July 2018, ETRMA launched the European TRWP Platform to address with relevant stakeholders how to prevent and mitigate the generation and transportation of tyre and road wear particles (TRWP) in the environment. Facilitated by CSR Europe to explore a balanced and holistic method in addressing and understanding TRWP, this multi-stakeholder platform brought together experts from governments, academia, NGOs and industries to build and share scientific knowledge and investigate possible mitigation options to the generation and transportation of TRWP into the environment

After one year of collaboration, this report outlines the possible mitigation measures that were identified during meetings of this initiative. This includes measures to address TRWP generation and TRWP capture and removal. The report also provides recommendations and pathways for continued cross-sectorial collaboration.

Download here: TRWP Platform Way Forward Report